Asset recovery practice

Prime Partners experts have a unique portfolio in asset recovery area – as former TOP-rank officials, they drafted neoteric Ukrainian legislation on recovery of assets of illicit origin; participated in legislative drafting on special confiscation and sanctions; coordinated the representation of the state`s interests in investment disputes in 2014-2019 years as well as in the European Court of Human Rights.

One of several peaceful settlement agreements with foreign investor in the history was signed during the tenure of one partner of Prime Partners in the government. The other partner of Prime Partners was the first head of the Asset Recovery and Management Agency of Ukraine (ARMA) – the authority responsible for two important asset recovery components – tracing and management of seized assets.

Prime Partners master assets recovery discipline in its entirety – from tracing and freezing assets found to forfeiture and disposal of such assets, including cross-border.

Prime Partners experts’ unique experience and reliable specialized partners allow us to apply innovative approaches to tracing of lost assets in Ukraine and beyond its borders, hidden connections of assets with specific individuals, real control relations and ultimate beneficiaries.


Full service asset recovery
This product includes strategic asset recovery project planning, tracing assets, including cross-border, establishing evidential basis, full legal support and coordination of encumbrance of assets, retention of seized assets, including its management, forfeiture of assets in Ukraine and abroad, direct enforcement reg. the property in favour of the Client.
Asset tracing
We offer legal support of asset tracing in Ukraine and beyond its borders. This service combines legal expertise and applied search tools of our partner companies. Such combination creates innovative and effective product to find out hidden assets, connections, facts, control, vulnerabilities and other circumstances that may interest the Client.
Stress-test of property structures
We design a hostile usage of tracing assets, its seizure, raider attack, internal leaks and other unfair actions to the property and the business of the Client. The result is that we provide guidelines how to eliminate the identified vulnerabilities and make the business more resistant to external and internal risks.
Debt restructuring
Our legal expertise on asset recovery and action-oriented instruments can strengthen negotiating position of a creditor or a debtor during the debt restructuring.
Protection of assets from encumbrances and penalties
Deep understanding of asset recovery strategies and practices allow us to offer effective mechanisms of protection of Client`s assets. We will take into consideration the nature of requirements, the identity of the creditor, available resources, the other important aspects of definite case and offer an optimal model of asset retention.