Anti-corruption practice
Expert analytics in the public sector

International and foreign dispute resolution

Prime Partners experts, as former TOP-rank officials, coordinated representation of the state in investment disputes in 2014-2019, as well as in cases before the European Court of Human Rights, and participated in representation of the state in the International Court of Justice. One of several peaceful settlement agreements with foreign investor in the history was signed during the tenure of one partner of Prime Partners in the government.

Partners and experts of Prime Partners have been on both sides of investment disputes, at different times of their careers representing both investors and the state, and therefore have an exclusive understanding of how government mechanisms work in disputes with investors. We have reliable partners in areas of corporate intelligence, asset tracing, forensics, establishing genuine control relationships and ultimate beneficiaries.


Strategic planning
We offer strategic planning on investment, commercial arbitration, disputes in foreign jurisdictions, including choice of jurisdictions, instruments of encumbrance and asset recovery, etc.
Organization of financing of court proceedings (Litigation funding)
We may attract full or partial external financing of costs for business representation in investment, commercial arbitration, other types of disputes in foreign and international jurisdictional authorities.
Cross-border asset tracing for future forfeiture
In this service we combine legal expertise and applied tracing tools of our partner companies. Cross-border asset tracing for seizures and forfeiture with application of innovative tools of open-source intelligence (OSINT), Human intelligence, geospatial, imagery intelligence, including identification of real control relations and beneficiaries, etc.
Evidence base development
We conduct analytics and develop the evidence base for future forfeiture of specific assets under the judgment of the jurisdictional authority. We also provide expert support in litigation by recognized experts of the area.
Coordination and representation
We organize clients` representation and coordinate conduction of the dispute entirely, or participate in a multinational team of experts as a local advisor or as experts on specific issues.
Enforcement of jurisdictional authorities` decisions
We provide legal support in implementation of national, foreign and international jurisdictions decisions on direct asset forfeiture in jurisdictions of location.