Asset recovery practice
Public-private partnership

Government Relations

The team of Prime Partners has an exclusive combination of relevant experience in Top-rank positions in the executive branch and in the parliament, in local government authorities, as well as successful experience in supporting Clients` interests in relations with the state in legal business.

We have experience of drafting and implementing numerous strategic plans for implementation of reforms in area of justice, judicial and constitutional reforms, law enforcement, corruption prevention, asset recovery etc. Our experts from their personal experience know how operates in practice each element of state apparatus of executive and legislative authority, functioning procedures, factors of motivation and caution. This benefit of Prime Partners allows to create such relation structures with the state when achievement of client`s purpose at the same time becomes success story for the state authority.


Strategic planning
We propose drafting the strategies and implementation plans in public sector, that meet government authorities practice and common requirements of the EU and the US technical assistance projects. We are also ready to conduct analysis of strategies and implementation plans of various areas on their validity and feasibility, to perform as specialized area experts, to conduct alternative analysis, etc.;
Analysis of legal and political factors influence
We assist business to find out real consequences of legislative changes, practice of application of law, politicians` statements, decision of public authorities, strategies and political tendencies in separate areas of real sector;
Draft and advocacy of new legislative acts
We have personal experience in drafting, supporting review, communication, advocacy, expert discussion and adoption of virtually all types of legislative acts in Ukraine. Therefore, we can produce high-quality draft and accompanying package of documents of each legal act. Prime Partners can support a transparent advocacy and media communication of legal drafts required by the Client the way that their adoption will be reasonable and appropriate;
Assessment and mitigation of business activities’ political risks effects
Dozens of reforms related to real economy continue in Ukraine. Political risks historically accompany adoption of vast majority of important business decisions. Prime Partners realize how to assess political risks in business activity and could provide realistic model of their reduction for short and longer term.
Development of long-term communications with the State
The state requires a dialog with business even more than business with the state. There are numerous effective instruments of transparent promotion of business-oriented decisions and legislative drafts. Our experts obtain an exclusive expertise both in legislation drafting, and in public advocacy of such decisions.
Termination of conflicts with the state
Each public authority has an enormous quantity of regulative, institutional, and structural soft spots. Proper understanding of these vulnerabilities and internal processes within the state machine simplifies termination of any business conflicts with the state. In addition, we can propose alternative dispute resolution through GR-negotiations with local and central government authorities, the involvement of specialized NGOs and international institutions to terminate conflicts with the business.