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Expert analytics in Public Sector

Prime Partners team has one of the deepest expertise in Ukraine in development and implementation of reforms, strategic planning, expert analytics, legislation drafting and government authorities` capacity building in cooperation with the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, as well as international technical assistance projects, specialized international organizations and other partners of Ukraine in building democratic and law-governed state.

Our experts have experience in following areas and real economy sectors (in alphabetical order): aggression cessation in international law; agricultural sector; anti-money laundering; asset tracing; assets recovery; banking sector; corruption prevention and counteraction; customs system; enforcement of judgments; decentralization; demonopolization; deregulation; electronic services; energy; Human Rights; judicial system; justice sector; land relations; law enforcement; natural resources sector; political reform; privatization; public governance; public procurement; Rule of law; sustainable development; seized property management; taxation system.


Strategic planning in the public sector
Drafting of strategies, implementation plans and policies in public sector, expert assistance in monitoring their implementation. Independent analysis of public sector strategic documents on their validity and feasibility. Forming of recommendations on improvement of existing strategic documents.
Expert analytics
Drawing up expert opinions, conducting alternative analysis, independent review of any expert analytics in mentioned above areas and real economy sectors. Development of multi-jurisdictional generalizations, guidelines, best practices in mentioned areas and sectors.
Expertise, drafting and advocacy of legislative acts
Professional expertise of legal regulation and application practice; state and needs analysis of regulation area; identification of lowlights, gaps and risks, analysis of its compliance with Ukraine's international obligations, best practices and guidelines, practice of ECtHR, the Venice Commission conclusions, comparative analysis with foreign law and international organizations acts. Development of legal regulation concepts, drafts of any normative acts and accompanying documents, their advocacy, support of review, communication, expert discussion and adoption of legal acts.
Government authority’s capacity building
Professional expertise of public authorities’ institutional capacity, including identification of gaps and surpluses: procedures, tools and resources; providing recommendations for strengthening the functional and other capacity of government agencies. Conducting independent technical assessments of public authorities and local governments. Drafting of compliance policies and programs, guidelines/methodical recommendations on performance of functions by government authorities.