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Anti-corruption practice

Corporate Law Practice

We deal with corporate law and related fields. We provide legal advice in areas of company governance; acquisition, sale, division of business; corporate reorganization; preparing businesses to fund raising; mergers and acquisitions, etc. Our experts will assist company’s constituent and internal documents development, structuring transactions. We also provide legal advice in related areas: current business activities, regulatory system issues, intellectual property, taxation, etc.

Our team has an extensive experience in corporate disputes resolution in private practice as well as during civil service within the jurisdiction of separate agencies. During the tenure in the government, our partner became the author of a number of legislative initiatives in areas of deregulation, conducting business simplification, business protection and anti-raider initiatives, that became laws. Our exclusive experience allows us to offer innovative and effective ways to resolve corporate dispute in favour of the Сlient.


Establishment of companies and ownership structures
We will assist to establish an optimal corporate model for needs of particular business. This may include ownership structure modeling, drafting charters and similar documents, establishing companies in Ukraine and abroad, etc.
Corporate business support
Our experts will assist to organize work of companies` governing bodies, in particular, general meeting of participants and shareholders, to prepare draft decisions of governing bodies, to draw them up in accordance with the requirements and practices, etc.
Business structuring
We will support transformation of existing business structure into an optimal corporate model. Depending on needs of the Сlient, the new business structure will help to make it more attractive for investment, or more protected from risks, to prepare business for sale, increase or specialization, etc. We will conduct legal audit and identify hidden gaps of the business, or provide advice on how to make the business more attractive for the buyer.
Full-service legal support for M&A deals
Our team will identify all significant risks of acquiring assets, assist to structure transactions, to draft and draw up all necessary documents.
Defense in corporate conflicts
We will offer innovative and effective ways of termination of corporate disputes in favour of the Сlient. Our specialists will provide Сlient`sdefense in corporate disputes before jurisdictional bodies, will assist to build high-quality anti-crisis communications, including before institutions of the State.