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Anti-corruption practice

During the public service, our team was directly involved in development and legal support of all key anti-corruption acts in the recent history of Ukraine in 2014-2019, the implementation of FATF and GRECO recommendations into legislation of Ukraine. The partners of Prime Partners, during their tenure inthe executive branch, participated in launch of new anti-corruption bodies – the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP). Also, the partner of Prime Partners was the first head of the Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA).

During the tenure of one of Prime Partners` partners, a system of free legal aid, electronic services in business and real estate registration areas were introduced in Ukraine, as well as powers in area of state registration were decentralized. Also on his initiative, a number of “anti-raider” laws were adopted, the profession of a private executor and the Unified Registry of Debtors were introduced, and a chain of legal education projects were implemented.

Our team has a comprehensive knowledge of international law and EU law on preventing and combating corruption. Therefore, Prime Partners has an exclusive understanding of Ukrainian anti-corruption legislation and infrastructure from within, as well as knows on its own experience the prototypes of the Ukrainian anti-corruption model in foreign countries and on international level.


Expert assistance in anti-corruption policy
An exclusive experience of public service in anti-corruption area allows our team to act as independent experts in assessment of any governmental anti-corruption initiatives, to analyze their implementation and provide practical recommendations for better results. As independent experts, we can be useful in developing new anti-corruption mechanisms, strategic documents and draft regulations. We are also ready to participate in development of any analytical, methodological or educational material on formation and implementation of anti-corruption policy.
Development of anti-corruption (compliance) policies and programs
This service provides a set of measures on formation of a list of corruption (compliance) risks and their assessment, measures to overcome or reduce such risks and indicators of their implementation, preparation of policy documents and the creation of systems for monitoring their effectiveness. In cooperation with partner organizations, we can offer audit services and advice on data protection, cybersecurity; conduct internal investigations regarding possible misconduct.
Legal advising on anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine
As participants of drafting of all key anti-corruption acts in neoteric history of Ukraine, we have systematic understanding of the provisions and purpose of their creation, application practices and gaps. We consult on compliance with anti-corruption legislation, incrimination risks, real consequences of violations and ways oftheir prevention;
Protection of Clients' interests in all relations with NACP
The experts of Prime Partners have an exclusive institutional memory of creation of all key procedures of activity of the NACP. We can be useful in protection of our Clients` interests in case of incriminating violations of any restrictions and prohibitions under the anti-corruption legislation.